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Benefits of having a website for your business:

The internet has become the key to customers finding businesses like yours.  A web site will promote all of your products and services giving you and your business the opportunity to increase your customer base, more exposure, and grow your business. Here are the top 10 reasons you need a website.

1. Far less expensive than other media communications or advertising methods (i.e. printing, mailing campaigns, radio, TV, cable, etc…)

2. 24x7x365 - A website is accessible anywhere in the world every minute of the day allowing you to reach a larger audience, giving you more exposure, and making it more convenient for potential customers to find you via the most popular search engines. (i.e. Google, MSN, Yahoo)

3. It communicates everything that is important about your services and products to existing customers and new prospects.

4. It gives you the opportunity to partner up with complementary businesses giving you and your partners growth opportunity, more visibility, and an enhanced service offering (i.e. event coordinator, photographer, dj, catering, etc…)

5. It allows you to communicate on a timelier basis so your information is current all the time.

6. It gives you the opportunity to provide value-add information for your customers enticing them to return (i.e. tips, recipes, discounts, etc…)

7. It gives your company more prestige, conveys a sense of trust, and allows you to compete or stay ahead of your competition.

8. It enables you to quickly respond via email notifications and message sent to your phone.

9. It enables for viral marketing - word-of-mouth about your business by visitors to your site.

10. It enables you to see traffic statistics for your site so you know what they are interested in and what you may need to improve on.

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Design, Development
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$1.00 PER DAY!

Business Cards
3.5x2, gloss,
color, 2 sides
1000 for $65
2500 for$120

8.5x11, tri-fold, gloss,
color, 2 side, 100 lb
1000 for $225
2500 for $350

4x6, gloss, color,
2 sides
1000 for $110
2500 for $175

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